Lori M.

I met Kathryn when she began coming to the company I worked for to give ½ hour massages to employees. I had never had experience with massage before and was a little cautious the first few times I went, but she quickly put me at ease and made me feel safe and comfortable! Over the years she has worked on specific troubled areas (hip & lower back pain, migraines & tension in neck and shoulders) of my body very successfully. I rarely have trouble with my hip anymore and that is huge for me! Kathryn is very knowledgeable about many different areas of massage and the muscles in the body as well. She is always able to send me home with stretching exercises to use in between massages for troubled areas, and the understanding that she has of how the muscles work together along with the instructions for stretching have really helped me to overcome my lower back and hip pain! Kathryn is also very sensitive and professional in her practice to how her client is feeling and responding! I have every confidence in her and have no reservations about highly recommending her to everyone I know! I will be a customer as for as long as she is in business!

L. B.

I highly recommend Kathryn for massage therapy.  Kathryn is exceptional. I went to Kathryn because of pain and MS symptoms. I have progressed substantially since beginning treatments with Kathryn. She has a genuine beautiful heart and soul, which is reflected in her work. It is clear Kathryn truly cares about her clients. I am grateful for Kathryn as a person and her unique healing abilities.

Shiloh K.

Kathryn is a truly gifted massage therapist. Her expertise at knowing the body and how it all works together is fantastic! I have been seeing her for massage for over a year now and it has made such a positive difference in my ever changing body (growing children changes everything!). Her energy is wonderful too and I love the fact that she incorporates essential oils and aromatherapy into her practice. I highly recommend her!

Marion R.

You are “sowing your seed”, cause it’s evident in your efforts, that your bottom line is “healing”. For me it comes with paying attention to how I can really feel physically, which makes my heart proud.

Elizabeth C.

Kathryn is a true healer.  She possesses a deep knowledge of the human body as well as a genuine talent for the art of massage. I was referred to Kathryn in 2013. My body was traumatized; I was in both acute and chronic pain. I had had many years of massage therapy in New York, but was new to Denver. After trying a few of massage therapists, I found Kathryn.  Kathryn assessed my pain and formulated a treatment plan for recovery. Kathryn gave me a path to health and freedom through her dynamic massage work; she brought me back to life. I continue to work with Kathryn on body maintenance and I continue to lead a healthy, active, and fulfilling life.


I learned of Kathryn from a family member and am so glad I found her! Kathryn creates a safe space for relaxation and communicates throughout the massage to ensure that your needs are being met. I have had frequent debilitating tension headaches and TMJ pain for years, but since visiting Kathryn for a monthly massage, much of that pain has subsided. I went from getting tension headaches twice a week, to once or twice a month. I would highly recommend Kathryn to anyone.

Kathryn has a gift beyond her years…..her intuitive energy is felt in every technique she utilizes. I did not need to explain where each ailment was in my body. Kathryn knew the exact amount of pressure and attention to give to each area of my body. With that said, she is always communicative and desires optimal outcomes for each session. Look no further….you’ve reached the hands and heart which will hold and heal you!

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