Integrated Session

When I work with a client it is important for me to understand where they are coming from physically, emotionally and spiritually.  An Integrated session is how I typically approach each individual client’s body.  Truly understanding their goals and their intention for bodywork is key. I pull from my experience and training to address the issues at hand.  What we are working on?  What techniques work best for my client?  As the body shifts, the needs change from session to session.

My goal is to be fully aware and flexible, in order to find what works.  It is part intuition and part working to help clients listen to their bodies.  My intention is always clients be truly present so that they may give their bodies permission to heal.  Providing relief hinges on finding and utilizing the techniques that work for the individual.  I believe that healing is a proclamation of faith for me the healer and for my clients.  When we are willing to listen to our bodies and be open to breathe into physical awareness, we can let go of restrictions and receive bodywork to heal.


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